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Near Gouvia Marina in the Village of Kontokali on the island of Corfu in Greece, Harry’s Taverna has been serving locals and travelers alike for more than a century.

Spanning three generations, Harry’s Taverna was officially established in 1912, offering travelers warm hospitality and excellent meals in an inviting setting.

When choosing a restaurant while on holiday, every traveler hopes for quality.

Harry’s Taverna delivers that quality in every way with its service, its friendly and interesting atmosphere, and, most of all, its time-honored recipes prepared and served at a price that won’t overextend the traveler’s budget.

Learn more about the specialities of the house and the quality of the service provided by Harry’s Taverna…

When visiting Corfu we hope you visit Harry’s, a traditional Greek taverna that has been serving customers for over a century.

Take a look at photos taken over the years at the taverna.

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History of Harry’s Taverna

The history of Harry’s Taverna is both a long and interesting one… 

First established in the late 1800s by Andonios Gerekos, Harry’s was a mid-point stable stop for farmers in Corfu’s outlying villages who were bringing their animals to Corfu Town to sell to the butcher. At Harry’s, these farmers found water for their horses and donkeys, and simple food and drink for themselves. Often they slept beneath the boughs of the leafy trees outside the simple taverna before resuming their journey to the town. 

Somewhat later a small grocery shop was established on the premises, offering both local village people and travelers alike staple foods for their daily existence. Drinks were kept cold in summer by submerging the bottles in the well in front of the taverna. 

In the 1960s, as the first cars came to Kontokali Village, Harry Gerekos, the father of the present-day owner, Spiros Gerekos, established a petrol station next to the taverna, but its existence was short-lived as business was sparse — only a few passing lorries. Shortly after he closed the petrol station, the old stable literally fell down. 

In the 1970s tourism came in earnest to Corfu. At that time, Harry’s Taverna was principally a bar, serving drinks and only very modest meals. Then, in the 1980s, Spiros Gerekos, grandson of the original owner, renovated the taverna extensively, leading to the beautiful restaurant we see today.

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