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Harry’s Taverna delivers that quality in every way with its service, its friendly and interesting atmosphere, and, most of all, its time-honored recipes prepared and served at a price that won’t overextend the traveler’s budget.

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Corfiot cuisine is a delightful reflection of the rich history and diverse cultural influences on the Greek island of Corfu.

Combining Mediterranean flavors with Venetian, French, and British culinary traditions, Corfiot food offers a unique and enticing gastronomic experience. From the enticing aroma of freshly caught seafood simmering in garlic and lemon to the robust flavors of slow-cooked stews and hearty soups, Corfiot cuisine tantalizes the taste buds.

Locally sourced ingredients, including olive oil, aromatic herbs, and a variety of fresh vegetables, form the foundation of many traditional dishes. Some popular Corfiot delicacies include pastitsada, a mouthwatering pasta dish with succulent braised meat, and sofrito, tender veal cooked in a white wine and garlic sauce. Served alongside crispy golden potatoes and drizzled with local olive oil, these dishes showcase the island’s culinary prowess and offer a true taste of Corfu’s vibrant gastronomic heritage.

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What Our Customers Say

Popular traditional greek

A very popular spot with locals and visitors from the marina. Been coming here for 7 years and never had a bad meal. Service is always excellent, food is incredible, a good selection of traditional Greek dishes, we often share a few between us to get a taste of everything. Fabulous, attentive staff, traditional entertainment at weekends, a wonderful atmosphere, and reasonably priced.

Charlotte D
Tripadvisor review

5/5 for atmosphere (friendly service and live music), 4/5 for food (the lamb was tender but under seasoned, Greek salad could use more lettuce, the beef straganoff the waiter recommended as his favorite was just ok and the cabbage in the salad was a bit tough; it was nice that they cook their own fries not from frozen :))

Jiaqi Z.
Google review

Real Greek feel

Had a really great night here. The place was really full but our food arrived timely and was nice. We really enjoyed watching the live music and it was interesting watching a Greek christening party celebrate. How on earth they all got fed I do t know, but they did and all seemed to have a lovely time.
Great night. Make sure you book a table.

Paul D
Tripadvisor review

Jamie Long

Stayed nearby and walked here to have a meal twice in the week we were there. We were there quite early each time (due to going for dinner with our 5 year old) so it was a bit quiet. Can imagine the atmosphere got better as the evening went on. Lovely local dishes including calamari / meatballs / seafood salads etc. Very welcoming waiters with personality. Very accommodating with our young son, cooking dinners for his taste. Authentic Greek taverna worth visiting if staying nearby

Google review


Sometimes you hit on somewhere that just can’t be beaten – this is Harry’s. During our week’s stay in Kontokali we ate at Harry’s 3 times. The staff are great, the atmosphere is wonderfully Greek and the food is terrific and very reasonable. Friday no Saturday are Greek night with live music. If you’re staying in the area this really is one taverna not to be missed.

Christine S
Tripadvisor review

There aren’t enough superlatives for me to describe Harry’s Taverna. The food was out of this world, the prices reasonable and the owner was charming and very personable. All in all if you want a truly authentic Greek taverna experience you simply have to visit Harry’s.

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